The courses are designed to minimise the amount of time spent in residential areas or in contact with road traffic. The 25-kilometre course is located exclusively in the ‘Bremgartenwald’ municipality of Bern. The 50-kilometre course includes the beginning and end of the 25-kilometre course and runs across the ground of the municipalities of Bern, Frauenkappelen and Mühleberg.


Race: 50km, 1000 elevation meters

Strecke Gravel Race Bern

Höhenprofil Gravel Race Bern

Ride: 25km, 350 elevation meter

Strecke Gravel Ride Bern

Höhenprofil Gravel Ride Bern

The detailed route will not be announced in advance. In cooperation with the “Burgergemeinde Bern” and the “Amt für Wald” we are trying to keep the impact on the forest, nature, animals and other interest groups as low as possible.

Spectator points and feed zones can only be reached by bicycle or on foot.

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