Kids Cross

Do you have a bike and enjoy riding with your friends in your spare time, or are you even doing bike tours with your family? Have you always wanted to take part in a real bike race yourself?

At the Gravel Ride & Race you can be part of the race with your bike on a controlled course in different age groups. The only thing you need is a helmet and a bike in good condition. The ‘Kids Cross’ is for children and teenagers up to 14 years. For all participating children there is a cool surprise after the event.

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Small lap

Distance: 0.66 km
Alitude meters: 8 m

Big lap

Distance: 1.20 km
Altitude meters: 12 m


Categorie Year Track Distance
Kids Cross 1 2019 – 2022 1 little lap 660m
Kids Cross 2 2017 – 2018 2 little laps 1240m
Kids Cross 3 2014 – 2016 2 big laps 2120m
Kids Cross 4 2010 – 2013 3 big laps 3180m


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