Start as a group: an unforgettable experience

The Allianz Gravel Ride & Race Bern is perfect for a joint experience as a group, club or company. The focus is on participating and experiencing an unforgettable day on the bike. Participants and initiators of their own group tell about their participation!

Since last year there is a new group classification at the Allianz Gravel Ride & Race Bern. It is possible to form a group with friends and family, to start as a club or as a company team to cycle the 25 or 50 kilometers. As with the entire event, the focus is on participation and the shared experience. But taking part together brings an additional factor of fun, joy and motivation, as main sponsor Andreas Mäder (Allianz Versicherung, Generalagentur Andreas Mäder), gravel enthusiast Damien Bisetti (Velosophe) or Marcel Wildhaber (Velo Wildhaber, former cyclo-cross pro) tell us.

Andreas Mäder:

“Our alliance team was made up of very diverse people. From absolute beginners, who were riding off-road for the very first time ever, to my son Gino, who as a professional cyclist had finished fifth at the Vuelta just a few weeks before. What I noticed: When you register as a group, you can reduce inhibitions and fears. Often people think, “I can’t do that.” But in the end, everyone on our team was happy and thrilled at the finish line.” 

Damien Bisetti :

“In our Velosophe team, for the vast majority it was about riding together and experiencing something together. We tried to stay together as much as we could on the whole course. The parcours is fantastic, the signposting perfect. And when you reach the finish, you look forward to the village together, with the exhibitors and the various food trucks. What remains in memory: sun, good company, good mood and lots of gravel.”

Marcel Wildhaber:

“When I used to be at the race site for training on the Saturday before the World Cup race or the EKZ CrossTour, I always watched the finish of the Gravel Race. It was great to see those faces at the finish line, marked by the effort but happy, and to feel the joy of the sport. I knew right away that I wanted to be there too.

Last year there were eleven of our team at the start. Everyone experiences their own story. Technical problems, crashes, cramps, collapses, anything can happen. Then, at the finish line, having a beer and reviewing what you’ve experienced in the group and being able to laugh about it makes all the difference to being a lone rider.”

Do you also want to be there with a group on October 22? From four persons, no matter if Ride or Race, you will be in the team ranking!
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