Gravel Trans Jura

Swiss bikepacking adventure

May 30, 2024 until June 5, 2024

“Gravel Trans Jura” is a unique bikepacking adventure that will take place for the first time in summer 2024. A cycling adventure where each participant determines his or her own pace and lifestyle. The route leads over countless hill ranges, offers incredible panoramas and shows the untouched beauty of the Swiss Jura in an impressive way.

Whether luxurious hotel stays or nights on the camping mat and in the sleeping bag; everything is possible. Thanks to a detailed (digital) roadmap, the participants receive a documentation that allows them to change their own plans at any time and adapt them to the daily conditions and their own state of mind.


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24. January 2024


After a long wait, the doors to the Gravel Trans Jura opened on Wednesday, November 1 at 8.00 am. Today – 85 days later – the 250 starting places are sold out, much to our delight. We are grateful, overwhelmed and really looking forward to launching the adventure together with you.

Even if we didn’t quite reach our target of 30% women at the start, we can consider ourselves lucky for a first event with 25% gravel ladies.

For all those who would have liked to take part and couldn’t get a starting place – there is a tiny chance of getting a place via our waiting list or the good news that we are also planning the Gravel Trans Jura in 2025 and beyond – with an expected growing field of participants. You can find out more about this in our newsletter.

10. January 2024

New year – new challenge?

Gravel Lady, use the last days of our “pre-registration right” for women and sign up for the first edition of the Gravel Trans Jura!

There are still 20 places reserved exclusively for women up to and including Monday, January 15, 2024. The day after, they will be offered to the numerous men on our waiting list.

As soon as all places have been allocated, the exclusive journey through the Jura will begin for 250 women and men. We will inform all participants with important facts about the preparation, the exact and detailed planning, the possible choice of material and great offers, also from our partners.


18. December 2023

Attention ladies!

For our first edition in summer 2024, 227 of 250 places are sold out. The remaining 23 are still waiting for 23 women. Will you take the chance and help us achieve our goal of 30% women at the start? That would be great!

But watch out – the places are reserved for women for exactly one month until  Monday, January 15, 2024. After that, we will open them up for the men who are already on our waiting list.

Join us on this unique bikepacking adventure, you won’t regret it. Register here.


17. November 2023
Partially sold out!!!
16 days after registration opened, the 175 starting places for men are already sold out, much to our delight. We are grateful and overwhelmed!
Watch out, we are only reserving the remaining 30 starting places for women for a limited time. So ladies, grab your chance and register before we give your places away.

For all those who would have liked to participate and could not get a starting place – there is currently the possibility to register on a waiting list. Or then there is the good news that we are planning the Gravel Trans Jura also in 2025 and beyond – with an expected growing field of participants. More to follow.


9. November 2023
Yesterday evening we cracked it – the 200 mark. 203 people are currently registered for the Gravel Trans Jura! There are only 47 starting places left and watch out, only 12 of them are for men! So let’s do it. Start your adventure!

1. November 2023

Registration for the Gravel Trans Jura and one of the coveted 250 starting places, of which 30% are reserved for women, opened today at 8 am.

Already 55 percent of the places are taken. For the men, 35 percent still remain, which corresponds to 65 places. For women, less then 50 places are still available.

Sign up right away.

To the registration platform!

Registration for the Gravel Trans Jura and one of the coveted 250 starting places, 30% of which are reserved for women, is now open!

Sign up right away. Hesitation is not in it! 😉

To the registration platform!

27. October 2023

Since the beginning of July we have been informing you bit by bit about the new Swiss Bikepacking Adventure “Gravel Trans Jura”.
With much anticipation we present our complete website, with all the important facts.
You don’t have much time, because the registration for the 250 limited starting places will already go online next Wednesday, November 1, 2023!
Let’s start the adventure!

19. October 2023
It won’t be long until we can communicate all the info about the Gravel Trans Jura at once. In about 10 days our complete website will go online, with all useful and necessary info. The registration platform for the limited 250 places will then go online in about two weeks. Exact date will follow. Stay tuned!

14. October 2023

The Gravel Trans Jura should be a mixed event. Not only in terms of speed and way of traveling, but also in terms of our participants. We actively encourage the participation of women and therefore keep at least 30% of the starting places reserved for women.

So ladies, take advantage of this opportunity 😉


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