About us

crossroads Event und Kommunikation GmbH is responsible for the organization of the Gravel Trans Jura. The small but excellent agency was founded in 2014 by Christian Rocha and is established in the areas of organization, communication and moderation and is extremely well connected in the Swiss event landscape.

Its extensive expertise and core competencies lie in the field of cycling. With a lot of passion, creativity but also a portion of pragmatism, new projects and visions are constantly being created – like the Gravel Trans Jura!

In addition to the organizing committee, a large team of highly committed helpers and a carefully selected route crew are available for an event like this. Participants are sure to meet one or two crew members along the route.

The organizing committee

Christian Rocha

Creating an unforgettable experience

« The Gravel Trans Jura is an adventure, challenge, pleasure and experience all in one. The development and preparation of the event took more than three years. Our aim is to provide the perfect setting for the event and at the same time to offer all participants a very individual and unforgettable cycling trip. The Jura, probably the most untouched and breathtaking region in Switzerland, is the perfect place for this. An event by bikepackers for bikepackers, by gravelovers for gravelovers. »

Nina Rocha

On the other side

« As project manager of the Gravel Ride & Race Bern, I know both the challenges and the unforgettable moments in event organization. I will now be switching sides at the Gravel Trans Jura and will be at the start in Baden myself. I’m both excited and nervous about taking on this challenge as a participant and experiencing the beauty of the Jura for six days with friends. »

Sandra Palli

Giving something back to the region

« As a tourism professional, it is important to me that the Gravel Trans Jura brings long-term added value to the regions along the route. We have invested a lot of time in personal contact with the hotels and restaurants, the joint development of a roadmap and the development of an app created for the GTJ. These resources should also be available to individual Jura cycle tourists in the future and bring more guests to this beautiful region. »

Peter Basler

A piece of freedom

« For me, bikepacking tours mean getting away from everyday life and immersing myself in nature that is still almost intact. The Gravel Trans Jura fascinates me because it winds its way through the less touristy Jura mountains on a very varied route. Sometimes a forest path, then a short trail section and then another meadow crossing before passing through a sleepy Jura village. Here you can ride your bike for another 2-3 hours without encountering any major infrastructure. »

Pascal Müller

Top modern but completely untouched

« Since the first Gravel Ride & Race Bern, I have been responsible for setting up and maintaining the ridegravel.ch website. For me, this is a project with a lot of passion. When I was allowed to ride a section of the GTJ route at the end of May 2023, I was overwhelmed by the route and nature. So untouched, so unique, so varied. With the development of the GTJ event app, we have reached a new milestone that brings together modern technology and the simplicity of bike packing. »

The Ride Crew

Fridolin Engler

« In my opinion, gravel combines all the advantages of cycling into a perfect symbiosis: speed, technique, the experience of nature and “unlimited cake”. The GTJ will really challenge all participants more than once, only to reward them shortly afterwards with incredibly beautiful views and vistas! I wish all riders lots of unforgettable moments and an accident-free event. »

Adrian Ruhstaller

Founder Radys AG
« As a passionate gravel rider, I love discovering a new, low-traffic region for several days with very little luggage. And as a resident of Magglingen, I know that the Jura is a gravel paradise! As an outdoor clothing entrepreneur, it’s a matter close to my heart to support this new, contemporary event format. » 

Nicolas Lüthi

« I agreed to help explore the route as the project is great. I’m a cyclist from the region and I think it’s great that a project like the Gravel Trans Jura passes through our beautiful region. I can’t wait to discover this new event. Have fun riding! »

Annabel Fisher

« Being a professional gravel rider means I know pretty much every single gravel road in every direction within a 100km radius of my home, and my home is in the Swiss Jura. My intricate knowledge of the gravel network is something I take huge joy in sharing with other athletes, when I actually get to be at home and I’m not away racing and defending my titles. Being part of the Ride Gravel crew is the ultimate way I can share my knowledge. .»

Jérémie Vernoit

« I’ve had the idea of doing a Jura Gravel crossing for a long time and when I saw that such an adventure was planned, I knew I had to be part of it. But the calendar isn’t always what you want it to be and this weekend was already fully planned. But when I heard that people were wanted to explore the route, I jumped at the chance to make part of the journey through our beautiful Jura, which is perfect for graveling. »

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